Navigating Harbor Springs: A Traveler’s Guide via Little Traverse Bay Ferry

Welcome aboard the Little Traverse Bay Ferry! As you embark on your journey to Harbor Springs, let this travel guide be your companion, providing insights into sweet treats, dining options, engaging activities, shopping, and more. Whether you have just an hour to spare or plan to spend the afternoon, Harbor Springs has something special for every traveler.

Stopping for an Hour? Explore Sweet Treats!

For those with a brief stopover, Harbor Springs has a delightful array of sweet treats to savor:

  1. Harbor Ice Cream Soup & Sandwiches: Link
  2. Kilwins Harbor Springs: Link
  3. Yummies: Link
  4. Tom’s Mom’s Cookies: Link
  5. Howse’s Fudge: Link
  6. Johan’s Pastry Shop: Best for coffee and donuts! Link
  7. Harbor Springs Farmers Market: Saturdays are a treat for fresh finds! Link

Going for the Afternoon? Dive into Dining and Activities!

If you have more time to spare, Harbor Springs offers a variety of dining options and engaging activities:

Dining Options:

  1. Stafford’s Pier Restaurant: Best views in town! Link
  2. Pierson’s Grille & Spirits: Casual dining at its finest. Link
  3. Turkey’s: A laid-back spot for a satisfying meal. Link
  4. Willow Fine Dining: Experience elegance in every bite. Link
  5. The New York Restaurant: . Link
  6. The Paper Station Bistro: Link

Other Activities:

  1. The Lyric Theater: Link
    • Catch a matinée showing  and you can ride the ferry’s return trip at 6:30 PM.
  2. Harbor Springs Area Historical Society: Link
  3. Andrew J Blackbird Museum: Link

Shopping: Explore Harbor Springs’ charming shops and support local businesses!

  1. Between the Covers Bookstore: Link
  2. Lake Affect: Your go-to for stylish clothing. Link
  3. J.McLaughlin: Fashion finds in the heart of Harbor Springs. Link
  4. The Outfitter of Harbor Springs: For outdoor enthusiasts. Link

Art Cruise: Discover the artistic side of Harbor Springs at these galleries:

  1. Pierre Bittar Gallery: Link
  2. Witty Gallery: Link
  3. Boyer Glassworks: Link
  4. Tvedten Fine Art: Link

Little Traverse Wheelway: Explore the scenic beauty with a bike ride around the bay using the Little Traverse Wheelway. The ferry offers a shortcut for those who want to explore further on either side of the bay. Little Traverse Wheelway Map

Bike Shops:

  1. Touring Gear in Harbor Springs: Link

Whether you’re stopping for a sweet treat, dining with a view, exploring history, or embracing the arts, Harbor Springs welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy your journey, and savor every moment of this charming town.

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